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2018 Conference - The Music of the Church

Video Plenary 1 - The Music of the Kingdom of God (Bishop Ray R. Sutton)

Video Plenary 2 - Music in Creation, Music in Worship (Mr. Ken Meyers)

Video Plenary 3 - The Headwaters of Liturgical Song (Mr. Ken Meyers)

Video Plenary 4 - Renaissance and Reformation (Mr. Ken Meyers)

Audio Workshop - Influence of the Oxford Movement on Liturgical Music and Hymnity (Rev. Ronald Drummond)

Audio Workshop - Music in the Mystical Hymn: Music and Prayer Go Hand In Glove (Rev. Brian Foos)

Audio Workshop - J. S. Bach: The Fifth Evangelist (Rev. Jonathan Kell)

Audio Workshop - Speechless Song: How Music Bears Meaning (Organist/Composer Chris Hoyt)

Audio Workshop - From Sternhold to Watts (Organist/Composer Chris Hoyt)

Audio Workshop - From Tallis to Townend (Jonathan Marshall Band)

Audio Workshop - Music for Evangelism: Uses and Abuses of the "language of the soul" (Rev. Dr. Benjamin Bernier)

Audio Workshop - Singing the Coverdale Psalms: Speaking, Listening and Ensemble (Organist Candace Bawcombe)

Audio Workshop - Weaving a Divine Tapestry: The Structure of Old Testament Poetry (Rev. Timothy Reimer)

Audio Workshop - Roll Over Beethoven: Should Christians Listen to Popular Music? (Rev. Dr. Charles Erlandson)

Audio Workshop - Church Music Practicum: Cultivating a Vision and Maintaining a Healthy Trajectory (Mr. Andrew Dittman)

Audio Workshop - Boethius: A Christian Philosopher on Music, the Heavens and Man (Rev. Barton Gingerich)

2017 Conference - Exporing 500 years of Reformation 1517 - 2017

Audio Workshop - Reformed Catholics at Prayer: The Scriptural Catholicism of the Book of Common Prayer (Rev. Ronald Drummond)
Audio Workshop - An Italian Refugee in Cranmer's House: The Eucharistic Theology of Peter Martyr Vermigli (Mr. Eric Parker)
Audio Workshop - Richard Hooker: On Salvation, the Church of Rome and the Extremes of Puritanism (Rev. Jonathan Kell)
Audio Workshop - Keep in Tune with Heaven: The Church Cantatas of J. S. Bach (Organist/Composer Chris Hoyt)
Audio Workshop - Reformation Roots and Fruit: A Reassessment by the 20th Century French Catholic Renewal Movement (Very Rev. Walter Banek)
Audio Workshop - Truth Before a Post-Truth World: The Concept of Truth and Education from the Reformation to the Present Times (Rev. Dr. Benjamin Bernier)
Audio Workshop - King David in the Reformation and Beyond (Rev. Dr. Nevada DeLapp)
Audio Workshop - Recovering the Mind of the Church: The Canon of St. Vincent and the Anglican Way (Rev. Damien Grout)
Audio Workshop - Reformed and Catholic: Revealing the Mystery of Anglican Identity (Rev. Dr. Charles Erlandson)
Audio Workshop - Harnessing Modern Media, 500 Years After Luther (Mr. James Syrow)
Audio Workshop - Philip Melanchthon and Anglicanism (Rev. Dcn. Barton Gingerich)

2016 Conference - The Church and the State

Video Plenary 1 - St. Augustine's City of God (Bishop Ray R. Sutton)
Video Plenary 2 - Christ and Culture (Bishop Michael Nazir-Ali)
Video Plenary 3 - Why Christians Should Be Involved in Public Life (Bishop Michael Nazir-Ali)
Video Plenary 4 - Is the Relationship with the State Angicanism's Achilles Heel or Missionary Advantage (Bishop Michael Nazir-Ali)
Video Plenary 5 - Conformity and Dissent (Bishop Michael Nazir-Ali)
Video Plenary 6 - Is There a Future for Anglicanism (Bishop Michael Nazir-Ali)
Audio Workshop - Discipleship According to Ingnatius of Antioch (Fr. Chris Woodall)
Audio Workshop - The Just War Theory (Cn. Charles Camlin)
Audio Workshop - Has God Left The Builidng? (Fr. Charles Erlandson)
Audio Workshop - Richard Hooker, Edmund Burke and the Anglican Way of Politics (Dcn. Barton Gingerich)
Audio Workshop - Is God a Republican or Democrat (Fr. Joel Hampton)
Audio Workshop - The Gospel, the Body, Gender/Sexual Confusion (Cn. Scott Houser)
Audio Workshop - Dieu et Mon Droit; Music for the King (Organist, Chris Hoyt)
Audio Workshop - Holy Matrimony vs. Civil Marriage (Fr. Jon Jenkins)
Audio Workshop - Can We Say That It Was Distinctly Christian (Fr. Jonathan Kell)
Audio Workshop - Speak Not Evil of the Ruler of Thy People (Fr. Carl Lund)
Audio Workshop - A Survey of the Book of Esther (Dcn. Timothy Reimer)

2014 Conference - The Inklings

Video Plenary 1 - Opening Plenary (Rt. Rev. Sutton)
Video Plenary 1 - Opening Plenary contd (Rt. Rev. Sutton)
Video Plenary 2 - Williams: Descent Into Hell (Dr. Peter Kreeft)
Video Plenary 2 - Williams: Descent Into Hell contd (Dr. Peter Kreeft)
Video Plenary 3 - Tolkien: The Silmarillion (Dr. Peter Kreeft)
Video Plenary 3 - Tolkien: The Silmarillion contd (Dr. Peter Kreeft)
Video Plenary 4 - Lewis: Till We Have Faces Part I (Dr. Peter Kreeft)
Video Plenary 4 - Lewis: Till We Have Faces Part I contd (Dr. Peter Kreeft)
Video Plenary 5 - Lewis: Till We Have Faces Part II (Dr. Peter Kreeft)
Video Plenary 5 - Lewis: Till We Have Faces Part II contd (Dr. Peter Kreeft)
Video Plenary 6 - Sayers: Creed or Chaos (Dr. Peter Kreeft)
Video Plenary 6 - Sayers: Creed or Chaos contd (Dr. Peter Kreeft)
Audio Workshop - The Music of the Spheres (Christopher Hoyt)
Audio Workshop - Letters to Malcom, C.S. Lewis' Insight on the Discipline of Prayer (Fr. Jonathan Kell)
Audio Workshop - Resisting Temptation: Lessons From Perelandra (Fr. Eric Jorgenson)
Audio Workshop - The Mind of the Maker: Dorothy Sayers' Defense of What Makes a Work Truly Christian (Sommer Bridges Trebilco)
Audio Workshop - Towards a Commonwealth of the Spirit: Owen Barfield on Magic, Mind, Nature and Meaning (Serena Howe)
Audio Workshop - Fighting the Long Defeat? Tolkien's Life and Work as a Song of Hope (Fr. Jonathan Trebilco)
Audio Workshop - An Inkling of Joy: Male Friendship and Shared Desires (Fr. Charles Erlandson)
Audio Workshop - The Screwtape Letters: Spiritual Warfare in the Flesh Audio (Fr. John Boonzjaaier)
Audio Workshop - The Recovered Image: Reading Churches and Stained Glass (Fr. Mark Bleakley)
Audio Workshop - C.S. Lewis and the Church (Fr. Daniel Sparks)
Audio Workshop - The Inklings and the Moral Imagination (Allison Steinberg)
Audio Workshop - Faerie Stories and the Good Life: Lewis & Tolkein on How Fairy Tales Make Us Better People (Fr. Brian Foos)

2013 Conference - Creeds, Councils and Christ

Workshop - Lancelot Andrewes' Ancient Catholic Christianity (Rev. McGee)
Workshop - Loving and Living The Creed (Rev. Erlandson)
Workshop - Monasticism and Anglican Spirituality (Dcn. Smith)
Workshop - How Many Wills Did Jesus Have, and Why Does It Matter? (Rev. Trebilco)
Workshop - Summary of Images, Christology and the Seventh Ecumenical Council (Dcn. Kell)
Workshop - The Cruelty of Heresy (Rev. Camlin)
Workshop - Praying for a Better Prayer Life (Rev. Foos)
Workshop - Late Patristic Spiritual Direction (Rev. Jenkins)
Workshop - The Decalogue - The Character of Jesus and His Church (Rev. Boonzaaijer)
Workshop - The Fourth Ecumenical Council and the Two Natures of Christ (Rev. Hampton)

2012 Conference - Christian Formation In A Post Modern World

Sermon - Wednesday, July 25, 2012 (Rt. Rev. Ackerman)
Sermon - Thursday, July 26, 2012 (Rev. Rusty Ellisor
Sermon - Friday, July 27, 2012 (Rev. Charlie Camlin)
Sermon - Saturday, July 28, 2012 (Rev. Culpepper)
Plenary 1 - Renewing the Mind (Rt. Rev. Sutton)
Plenary 2 - Theology of the Catechumenate (Rt. Rev. Ackerman)
Plenary 3 - History of the Catechumenate (Rev. Nelson)
Plenary 4 - Catechesis in the Family (Rt. Rev. Ackerman)
Plenary 5 - Catechesis in the Parish (Rev. Nelson)
Plenary 6 - Catechesis Panel Discussion (+Sutton, +Ackerman, +Nelson)
Workshop - Catechesis Through Liturgical Architecture (Rev. Baker)
Workshop - Catechetical Home Edition (Ms. Leaseburg)
Workshop - Cultivating the Fear of God and the Love of God with the Ten Commandments (Rev. Banek)
Workshop - Structuring Your Parish for Catechesis (Rev. Culpepper)
Workshop - Teaching the Bible Through the Narrative Passages of Scripture (Rev. Ellisor)
Workshop - Catechesis and Culture (Rev. Houser)
Workshop - Catechesis and Evangelism (Rev. Houser)
Workshop - Catechesis in the Parish School (Rev. Boonzjaaier)
Workshop - St. Augustine and the Catachumens (Rev. Camlin)
Workshop - The Lord's Prayer in Catechesis (Rev. Erlandson)
Workshop - Liturgical Evangelism (Rev. Houser)

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